We want your Moonbounce experience to be extremely fun!  To fully enjoy your Moonbounce rental, and for the safety of you and your children, we strongly recommend the Safety Rules below:

  • Always operate Moonbounce under Adult Supervision.
  • Extra caution and supervisions are required for children ages 3 and under.
  • Never allow older kids to bounce with children ages 3 and under unless they are closely supervised.
  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the Moonbounce at any time.
  • No persons over 150 pounds allowed in Moonbounce.
  • Remove shoes, glasses and jewelry.
  • No gum chewing, food or drink allowed in the Moonbounce.
  • No sharp objects allowed inside Moonbounce.
  • No flips or extreme horseplay.
  • Stay off Moonbounce netting at all times.
  • Do not bounce on Moonbounce step or near Moonbounce doorway.
  • Separate groups of children according to size and/or age.
  • No "Silly String" or glitter allowed in or around the Moonbounce.  Should "Silly String" come in contact with the Moonbounce, it would cause irreparable damage.
  • No one allowed in Moonbounce while being inflated or deflated.
  • In case of rain, lightening or excessive winds, have children exit Moonbounce immediately and turn off motor.
  • In case of accidental outage to unit, have children exit Moonbounce then check for disconnection.
  • Absolutely no pets allowed in or around the Moonbounce.
  • Persons not following Safety Rules should be excused from play immediately.


Weather Policy

We'd all love to predict perfect weather on the day of your event.  Chances are  greater than not that the weather will be sunny and warm than somewhat dismal.  However, if the weather does turn out to be inclement and your  inflatable Moonbounce cannot be set up for your enjoyment, there is never any  penalty or charge to you as long as we have not delivered the attraction to your event.  You can reschedule or request a refund.  Severe weather conditions  will only be determined on the Rental Date. 


How Do I Prepare For My Rental?

  • Please provide at least an 18' x 18' space with at least 16' clearance from tree branches and other obstructions for the Moonbounce.  This will create an open space around the Moonbounce for safety and to protect our equipment.  We will not set up the Mooonbounce under or near any electrical or telephone wires.  The Moonbounce cannot be placed near a swimming pool. 
  • Make sure there are no underground irrigation pipes an/or buried telephone cables or electric lines close to the perimeter of the bounce site.  We will use 12" stakes to secure the Moonbounce.
  • Clear the site of all sharp sticks, animal waste, large rocks and other large debris.  If animal waste must be removed, please cover the spot to protect our equipment from residue.  On hard surfaces like driveways or parking lots, please sweep the area clean.
  • The bounce should be relatively level.  No more than a 6 inch slope per 10 feet.
  • A standard 110 outlet within 100 feet is required for operation.  It is best that the outlet not be shared with other large equipment.
  • Please be present at the time of delivery.  Make sure a clear path of at least 3 feet wide is available for delivery of the Moonbounce.  If curbs, steps or stairs need to be negotiated, we will require the renter's assistance for delivery.

Will the The Moonbounce Harm My Lawn?

  • Wisconsin Bounce cannot guarantee that the Moonbounce will not have an effect on your lawn.  Due to the weight of the Moonbounce and depending on the length of time the bounce is in use, plattened grass is common but not permanent.  During the heat of the summer, it is not uncommon to see burned blades of grass a few days after the Moonbounce has been removed.  The grass typically recovers within a week or so. 

Can You Set Up Inside?

  • Yes, Wisconsin Bounce can set up your Moonbounce inside.  A gym is a great place to set-up a Moonbounce, especially during winter months or if rain is likely.  The inside space must be at least 18'x18' wide and 16' tall with no low hanging lights.

Will You Deliver?

  • Wisconsin Bounce will deliver and set up the Moonbounce for you.  We need at least 30 minutes to prepare and set up.  We serve Southeastern, Northeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

What is your Weather Policy?

  • If the weather turns out to be inclement and your Moonbounce cannot be set up for your enjoyment, there is never any penalty or charge to you so long as we have not delivered the attraction to your event.  You can reschedule or request a refund.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

  • You have up to the time of delivery to cancel your rental but as a courtesey, Wisconsin Bounce would appreciate at least a 24 hour notice.  Refunds can be requested but there will be a $10.00 processing fee for any cancellations not related to weather. 

Serving Waukesha, Milwaukee, & Surrounding Counties